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Hi there! I am Hima Bindu, a CS undergrad at GVPCE(A). Exploring computers and loving it. I also love learning new programming languages, Reading books and writing clean code. I also paint, design, motivate and teach sometimes.

I didn't have any prior knowledge in Computer science domain until my Freshman's year. I explored various domains and figured out what i like to work on further. I am interested in Theoretical computer science and problem solving. I have always been interested in mentorship and leadership positions.

Here are some skills I have developed in course of two years

  • Python: Very Comfortable
  • C: Comfortable
  • C++: Little UnComfortable and learning
  • Java: New and learning
  • Haskell: Comfortable and learning
  • LaTeX: Very comfortable and Used for every Presentation
  • Blender, Fspy: Comfortable
  • GIT: Very comfortable
  • Linux:Linux user since 2019
  • Shell Scripting:New and Learning
  • VIM: Never used mouse while programming, haha
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap:Comfortable
  • DesigningCan help in any design perspective.
  • Googling: Well you know, it's a skill.
My Resume

My Resume


Hima Bindu Tenneti

I am a CS undergrad in GVPCE(A).

  • Andhra Pradesh, India
  • himabinduvsp1@gmail.com


Bachelor's of Technology

2019 - Present

Gayatri Vidya Parishad college of engineering(Autonomous)

Second year undergrad.


Intermediate(+1, +2)

2017 - 2019

Sri Chaitanya Junior college



Till 2017

Pereira English Noble School.


Worked On

•> Quantum Computer Lab:

A 3D modelling group project, implemented Quantum Computer and the Lab in Blender.

•> WordKell:

A word game writen in Haskell

•> Classic Conway's Game-of-life:

A cellular automaton built using Pygame.

•> Certificate generator

Can be used to create lot of Certificates with ease. Wrote in Python.

•> Blog-API:

An API writen in Python and SQL.It’s a Database for blogs

•> Mission-21:

A ChatBot for a website using Google's DialogFlow. Trained with nearly 600 - 700 queries.

•> Harry Potter's Invisible Cloak:

An OpenCV project which replicates the Harry Potter’s Invisible cloak.

•> Amoeba

Made a simple documentation replica with Sphinx - Python.

Currently working on

Writing a Compiler/Intrepreter

A group project aiming to implement Lox Language and a Jlox, Clox compilers

Problem solving

Enjoying the art of solving problems under interview pressure

Machine Learning

Trying my hands on Ml with a peer group, Starting with neural networks. Well, because they are interesting.

Brain-stroming Ideas

Making lists for future events and cool things that matter.

Accomplishments and Communities

Accomplishments and communities

I very much enjoy being in a community, One of the Great things about communities is that we can learn and share our knowledge at the same time. Thankfully, i'm part of various communities and that is the one thing drives me to explore and learn different things everyday!.

Computers and Communities keep me alive.

TalentSprint-Google's Women Engineers Program

One of 126 first year undergrad girls all over India, who got selected over four-staged selection process for a 2-year training program with scholarship by Talentsprint and Google.

2019 march - Present

Google's Developer Student's Club and GVP AI Club Lead @GVP

GDSC and GVP AI Club lead at GVPCE(A) for a Team of 30 amazing people. Building a local community in our college step by step.

P.S: I would love to collaborate with other clubs! Contact me :D

2021 July - present

Secretary @IEEE Student Branch

Part of thriving IEEE's Student branch Excom 2021-22 @GVPCE(A) as a Secretary. We organize lot of events for Student members and tech enthusiasts.

2021 August - Present

Won 2nd place in a E-Yantra Design Sprint as a Team

Worked with blender, documented, designed and implemented a Quantum Computer Lab as a Team of 4

2021 August - 2021 September

Vice Chairperson @IEEE SB CS society

Part of thriving IEEE's Student branch in GVPCE(A) as a vice chair person of CS society. We organize lot of events for Student members and tech enthusiasts.

2021 March - 2021 August

IEEE XTREME Ambassador

Ambassador for IEEE XTREME 15.0

2021 July - Present

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors

A new MLSA, working on things to level up to alpha MLSA.

2021 June - Present

Core member DSC-GVP

Core member in GDSC(formerly known as DSC) as an All-rounder lead at GVPCE(A)

2020 August - 2021 June

Poster Presentations

•> Certified for Satkarya's Poster presentation in the domain of Health-Care.

•> Participated for a poster presentation on women empowerment at GVPCE(A).


"It is The ultimate test of whether I understand something is if I can explain it to a computer. I can say something to you and you’ll nod your head, but I’m not sure that I explained it well. But the computer doesn’t nod its head. It repeats back exactly what I tell it. In most of life, you can bluff, but not with computers." - Donald Knuth

Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute. - Hal Abelson, SICP

It's not Bragging when it's based on facts! - #IAmRemarkable

If you have some work to be done, Give it to a Busy person because the other types don't have time. - Unknown.

"It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there which generates the greatest satisfaction" - C.F. Gauss

My Projects

My Projects

Projects that I worked on while learning and exploring various domains.

  • All
  • Programming
  • Design and Non-programming

3D Quantum Computer Lab

Designed using Blender(Group project)

Conway's Game-of-life

A classic game in python


WEBOTO-A ChatBot(Group Project)


A Python-Flask-SQL API


A Haskell game


Documentation Template with Sphinx

Invisible Cloak

A Python-OpenCV project


Using just a for loop.

If you are interested in knowing more about me, take a look at my Hobbies section too.